Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Let the Countdown Begin

Busy day today. Ran errands, took Molly in for a follow-up appointment (which went very well), saw my Grandma, aunt and uncle, did laundy, and some baking. :) I made sourdough bread from scratch, and poundcake for tomorrow's trifle. The poundcake turned out very well, but the bread was sweeter than what I was expecting. I followed the bread recipe exactly, so if I make it again I'll have to make some adjustments so it's not so sweet - or perhaps I'll try making french bread. Tomorrow the real fun begins - cooking, eating, and spending quality time with the fam. :)


  1. You made your own pound cake!?? I am impressed. Hope your trifle comes out well. Have a wonderful time tomorrow. I am baking my pie as I write and eating way too much Chex Mix....LOL Happy Thanksgiving! Kit